What we can do to help you


Gain entry when you're locked out of your home
(including first hour of labour):

Working Hours
8am - 6pm Monday - Friday

Out of Hours

Bank Holidays

Anti-snap Lock
£30 plus labour

High Security Lock
£85 plus labour

Mortice Lock
£45 plus labour

Install CCTV
From £175

Our Callout Area

Trafford Locksmith Callout Area

We provide 24/7 callouts for the whole of Trafford along with some surrounding areas indicated by the shaded region.

Why Choose Trafford Locksmith?

Our Aim

As a local locksmith we value customer loyalty. We want to respond quickly and provide you with an excellent service at a reasonable cost.

Typical emergency locksmith callouts.

You've locked yourself out of your home with all your keys inside. The building is very secure and you won't be able to get back in without doing some damage.

Your lock is damaged or your key broken and stuck in the lock.

You've lost your keys or they've been stolen and you're worried they may be used to break into your home.

You've just moved into a new home and you want to change all the external locks so that you know there isn't a spare copy of your keys with a former owner/tenant.

You're a private landlord/air bnb proprietor and your former tennants have lost/stolen the keys.

Trafford Locksmith
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